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The history of Bohemian glass begins around the 9th century. At this time, the first glass workshops began to appear on the territory of the Czech Republic (and then it was called Bohemia). There were few of them, so only rich people could afford glass.

In the 12th century, glassmaking began to develop actively, and after a couple of centuries everyone could afford glass products.

Czechs learned how to make glass from neighboring countries. But soon the masters came up with their own recipe, which allowed Bohemian glass https://aleks-crystal.com/carafe/ to become popular in Europe.


Features of Bohemia glass

Due to the absence of impurities in natural raw materials, glass from Bohemia was completely transparent. Until the 16th century, only Bohemians and Venetians could achieve such transparency.

For a long time, the most popular was Venetian soda-lime silicate glass. The Bohemians brewed colorless potash (potash-lime) glass, which shone noticeably brighter than Venetian glass. In addition, Bohemia glass was refractory, which gave it special strength, and the products themselves were easier to cut.

Due to its special brilliance, absence of bubbles and crystal transparency, Bohemian glass was called “crystaline”. This property allowed him to overtake his main competitor — Venetian glass.

Features of Bohemian glass

The products have very simple shapes and the same design. In the light, they have a rainbow glow.
There are no impurities or air bubbles in the glass. If you run wet fingers along the edge of the product, it will begin to emit a metallic groan.
Heavy vases and jugs, when tapped with a wooden stick, sound for at least 4 seconds, and also vibrate.
The glass has a perfectly flat surface, without roughness and chips. At the bottom of the product, there is often a trace of a pontia tube (glass blowing tool).
Types of Bohemian glass
Czech manufacturers produce a huge amount of cookware. Their glasses, wine glasses, decanters, salad bowls are highly valued all over the world. Bohemian glass can be found in fine dining and high-end events.

Bohemian glass vases, wine glasses and decor items are very popular. They are given for big holidays, they are used to decorate mansions.

In terms of appearance, Bohemian glass can be transparent, colored or with stucco. Colored products are pink (manganese is added for this), green (an admixture of iron) or red (copper gives this shade). Also Bohemia glass can be matte, glossy or artificially aged.

The dishes are painted, decorated with silver or gold. Also engraved or polished.

Famous manufacturers

Bohemian glass is produced by quite a few Czech companies. Among them, the most famous:

Astra Gold produces glass products with original spectacular coating of colored enamel and precious metals. This is completely handmade.
Bohemia Crystal is a well-known Czech manufacturer of high quality tableware and interior items.
Crystalite Bohemia produces a wide range of products at affordable prices.
Egermann is a Czech manufacturer of colored glass vases.

If you value high quality and beautiful tableware, choose Bohemian glass. The products do not require special care, they serve for a long time and are able to decorate your home.